So the title of this post is significant for more than one reason. I have just completed my final set of exams (cross fingers) and am now in that fantastic limbo transition stage between finishing university and entering the big wide working world, otherwise known as funemployment. Secondly, the weather is finally acting more like it’s supposed to for November and I can tentatively say that the heat is here to stay.

While summer is supposedly fast approaching, we still seem to be experiencing un-seasonal flashes of winter weather. So while I’m busy dusting off my shorts and sandals I’m also not quite ready to pack away my winter boots, you know.. just in case. The slight case of separation anxiety I experience around this time every year (hate to admit it but i’m a winter lover) is all of a sudden not so irrational. I’m probably the only girl in Cape Town determined to hang on to her boots-and-jeans combination for as long as she can without melting and as bizarre as I may have looked in previous years clinging on to my boots during the height of summer, I think I may have found a healthy medium.

While the Balenciaga beauties pictured first have been doing their fair share of rotations over the last year at fashion weeks and on street style blogs, cut out boots seem to have only recently exploded with the latest SS2013 fashion shows. I’m particularly fond of Alexander Wang’s version in a lower heel. A girl can dream…


Balenciaga pinterest2

Alexander WangAlexander Wangcutouts afterdrk pinterestwhowhatwearpinterest1cut outs

Images via: whowhatwear; afterdrk; theyallhateus; pinterest

Stroke of Karen Walker Genius

Apologies for the hiatus from blogging but the last few weeks seem to have flown by in a haze of university projects, thesis handins (woop woop) and who knows what else.  When life gets a little hectic it takes something big to draw my attention away from work and keep it for more than a few moments (being a self-diagnosed sufferer of ADD and all). Karen Walker’s latest eyewear campaign is one such thing.

It really should come as no surprise that the follow up to her latest campaign which featured models aged 65-92 went in the complete opposite direction with THE cutest crop of pre-schoolers.



It’s such an adorable quirky series that you can’t help but smile over them, not to mention the glasses themselves..



All images via: honestlywtf


Mirror Mirror

To me there is nothing quite like buying new sunglasses, they really are one of the must underrated purchases. I constantly used to moan how the cost of sunglasses prevented me from curating the perfect collection to satisfy my obsession (maybe this was for the best). Recently I’ve discovered the perfect justification for my purchases. I wear my sunglasses every day; I’m completely blinded by the sun without them. Therefore buying a good pair of sunglasses isn’t just a splurge it’s a necessity for me. If I look at how much wear I get out of my sunglasses, the cost is completely justified. 

Ray Ban Aviator RB 3025 Colored Mirror sunglasses - Blue

If I take the cost of a really good pair of Sunglasses (I’ll use my new Ray Bans as an example at about R1400). I’v already worn my Raybans every day since I bought them mid July. So if I’m calculating cost per wear 1400/40 days then I’m already down to R35 per wear. And if I wear them everyday for a year, it’s a little under R4 per wear which sounds a hundred times better than the lump sum. In my mind buying a pair of sunglasses with the amount of wear I get out of them is completely justified especially compared to another item of clothing that I may wear once or twice a month. Case Closed :)

On to the real topic of this post now that I’ve justified my serious sunglasses spending problem: mirrored sunglasses. There really isn’t much to say except that I’m in love. I ummed and aahed for months over my blue Raybans (pictured above). I wasn’t sure if I could justify buying a pair of sunglasses that would become blatantly out of fashion within the next year but my love for them won over my practical side.  They’re definitely not everyone’s cup of tea (my mom has compared me to a fly on more than one occasion when I wear them) but hey, you can’t satisfy everyone.

theyallhateus - mirror  harper and harley - mirror  pinterestmirror - honestlywtfmirror - pinterestmirror mirror - pinterest2mirror - pinterest3mirror - pinterest1 couldihavethat - mirror 

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Hot Dog Legs

Freshly cooked hot dog legs via dancing_junkie on Reddit

In case you have been living under the metaphorical social media rock recently let me fill you in. About a month ago a new Tumblr blog was born. This blog has subsequently gone viral (over 15 000 tweets and 6000+ Facebook fans) and is being called “the Tumblr blog of the Summer”. So you may ask, what intelligent discourse or outstanding photography has finally caught the world’s attention this time? Hot dog legs. I kid you not.

So you know those photos that girls take, the “you wish you were here” shots that take over your Instagram posts during Summer and holidays. Well turns out they look like hot dogs, who would’ve thought. The blog asks the simple question: “Are these hot dogs or legs?” and people spend endless hours scrolling though pictures of other peoples legs with a couple of actual hot dogs thrown in for good measure figuring out the obvious.                                   Tip: hot dogs don’t have knees, pores or hair (I hope).

Hotdoglegs via Alexis Brault on L’Anarchie Culinaire Selon Bob le Chef

I don’t know if I’m the only one who finds this whole fad underwhelming and the hype completely unfounded or if I just don’t care enough to join the lynch mob in lampooning girls for taking another set of selfies. Either way it’s fads like these that leave me confused and worried about what people choose to spend their time on.


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Apps Ahoy

I’m really no expert when it comes to anything technology related but since they’ve completely taken over our phones and lives, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite apps at the moment. Downloading the right assortment of apps is a bit of a work in progress. You probably have the basic Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but it’s the lesser known ones that make things exciting. With over 375 000 apps in the iTunes store this is a bit of a daunting, never mind time-consuming, task which is why I thought I’d add my two cents worth and share my current favourites with you.

bloglovin app icon

If like me you follow a million blogs you need this app! It allows you to scroll through all your favourite blogs as they’re updated. Best blog organizer.

Waze app logo

So GPS is fine and all unless you’re dumb like me and leave it on the dashboard to get stolen. This is where Waze comes in since no suction pad on the windscreen means no clue for thieves that you have something to be stolen in your car. Traffic report information is updated by other Waze users (think Pig Spotter in an app) and the app gives you the quickest, most petrol efficient route from A to B.

checkmark app logo

If you’re willing to pay the R40 this is the best ‘productivity’ app available. It’s what Reminders should have been. Checkmark reminders are location-based and can be sorted by different variables all in the name of making your life just that little bit easier.


So iPhone cameras are more than fine but if you want to take your photographs to the next level then this is the app for you. It turns the basic iPhone camera into a feature-rich version of itself with additional special effects, red-eye removal and tons more.


I’ve been a follower of Lookbook for a few years now and in all honesty I think I prefer surfing the site on my phone than I do on my laptop. So if you like street style and fashion then quite simply you need this app.


There are loads of great photo editing apps but I particularly like Moldiv. It focuses on framing and collage creation and is super easy to use with lots of options. Endless hours of fun with your photos. It also uploads straight to social media sites or simply saves it to your camera roll.


This is a new addition but I can tell it’s going to get pretty addictive. Snapchat is a photo messaging app that lets you take photos and short videos that you send to a controlled list of recipients for 1-10 seconds and then they disappear forever (unless you take a screen shot). Sounds dodgy but all I’ve received so far are strange selfies from my friends with badly drawn squiggles on their faces. Too entertaining!

So this is my list of favourite apps at the moment :) What’s on your list?



So ugly it’s pretty

Celine SS13: The year Phoebe Philo may have lost the plot. At least that’s what I thought at the time.


When these monsters hit the runway I truly didn’t know what to make of them but they did get me thinking. My thoughts started off just ew, then developed to why, and when no logical explanation came to mind it was, but really…WHY? (highly evolved thought process at work). In between all that I had a flash of a mutant werewolf gene and a strange desire to acquire a pair to replace my slippers.

Now I’m all for fashion pushing boundaries and making a statement etc but this is a ready to wear show and in all honesty I don’t know who would be ready to wear those, I certainly wasn’t so I moved on.

So when SS13 actually rolled around (in northern hemisphere terms) who would’ve thought that Celine’s awkward cousin would actually reign supreme. Welcome back birkenstock!

Now I have to be honest birkenstocks lay somewhere down there with crocs in the never-would-I-ever-in-a-million-years pile, except lately I’ve been thinking…maybe I would.

birkenstock-my-dubioArty-Filles-birkenstock-2Arty-Filles-birkenstock-3adenorah -birkenstocksadenorah -birkenstocksBirkenstock - pinterestfashion me now - birkenstocks


images via: mydubio; artyfilles; adenorah; pinterest; fashionmenow; afterdrk

What are your thoughts on the birkenstock revival?




As the first post of Peaches and Cream I felt this should probably come with fireworks, sparklers and whatnot all wrapped in a bow. Sadly an app for that hasn’t been created yet so in the meantime you’re just going to have to picture it instead and read a little more about yours truly.

So…who am I?

This is my equivalent question of being asked about the meaning of life so I’ve narrowed it down to 10 ‘trendy’ things you should know about me (since this blog is about trends and all)

  • UCT student of the Business Science variety – although hopefully not for much longer (woohoo). I feel like Business Science counts as a trend therefore this is an acceptable trendy fact about me
  • I’m a firm advocate of denim in all shapes and forms for any occasion. Denim on denim being the ultimate (trend drop number 2)
  • Semi – tomboyish tendencies. If you’ve ever seen me in a dress/skirt you’re probably one of the rare few. I’m far more at home in a good pair of jeans and a blazer (girls-dressing-like-boys trend drop)
  • Recently had my eyes opened to the wonders of a good pair of sneakers. Still searching for that perfect pair of Nike airs (I’ll keep you posted on any developments)
  • Secretly coveting a pair of black leather birkenstocks (so wrong but so right at the same time)
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with sunglasses and handbags and shoes…but mostly sunglasses. More about this to follow
  • Ever so slightly technologically challenged. Although I have become slightly ‘better’ now that I’ve made the switch to everything Apple and discovered an app for everything I can’t do. Thanks Steve & co
  • Redhead (thank you fashion Gods for finally making me inadvertently trendy)
  • The red hair is enough colour for me…nothing beats good old black and white (monochrome trend drop)
  • All about the pretty pictures. I’m a massive fan of reading but after a week at university my brain tends to go flop and all I can manage are pictures. Lucky for me this is apparently the digital way forward (read pinterest, instagram and any website who knows where its at) read more here:

Aaaand that’s me in a ‘trendy’ nutshell :)

XXX Julia